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Supplementary Scores


Supplementary Cards may be submitted by players who have entered 6 or less qualifying Competitions in the previous year


The main rules relating to supplementary qualifying scores are as follows:


1.  Supplementary Scores cannot be submitted by Category 1 players.
2.  Players who have returned 6 or less qualifying scores in the previous year may return a supplementary card.
3.  An acceptable supplementary score is any authenticated score over 18 holes under Competition Play Conditions over a Measured Course. (i.e not when there are more than two temporary greens or if the course is shortened by more than 100 yards).  The format may be stroke play or stableford.
4.  Up to 10 supplementary scores can be submitted during the calendar year, but not more than 1 per week.
5.  Players must signify their intention to return a card by entering the details in a book located in the Golf Shop Reception prior to playing.  Cards must be returned to the Golf Shop. (Failure to return a card is classified as a No Return)

In order to have an "Active Handicap" you must submit a minimum of 3 Qualifying Scores in the previous year. If your handicap becomes "In Active" you can them submit sufficient Supplementary Cards for your handicap to become "Active".

Note:  New members who have submitted three cards for their handicap qualify immediately for the return of supplementary scores.